Thursday, September 13, 2012

Juicing, Day 3 (last day!!!)...

Hey Y'all!  Well, I didn't wake up at all to pee at all in the middle of the night.  I think it's because most of the juices yesterday were around 16 ounces whereas the first day they were more like 24-32 ounces.  I haven't been hungry at all really and I've generally been happy, which is unusual for when my husband is out of town.  Usually I'm just bummed because he's gone.

7:45am - Apple-Carrot-Beet (breakfast)

-I'm never eating beets, ever.  Cooked, raw, whatever, it's not happening.  They just taste like dirt even after peeling them.

-I only used about a half of a beet in this juice (it called for 2), and my juice still tasted a little like dirt.

-This juice wasn't bad, pretty pleasant except for the tasting a little like dirt.

-I noticed my headache was finally gone!

11:30pm - Great Greens Juice (mid-morning snack)

-This juice wasn't awful, but not good either.  I've been judging them based on if I have to hold my nose or not.  I didn't have to hold my nose.

-It also helped that this juice was less than 16 ounces.

-I made the other three juices for the day, thoroughly cleaned the juicer and sat it by the front door to return to Jenn.  If I don't ever see that juicer again I will be a happy girl!

2:30pm - Tabbouleh Juice (lunch)

-This juice was actually pretty good.  One I wouldn't mind having again.  It called for 1/2-1 lemon, so I used a whole lemon, which is probably why it was so acidic.

5:00pm - Bruschetta Juice (mid-afternoon snack)

-This one was good too.  It only called for tomatoes, garlic, and basil.  It was very garlic-y!!!  It din't make very much, say 10 ounces, but it had two cloves of garlic.  I love garlic, but it burned going down!

9:00pm - Green Juice (dinner)

-This was the only juice I needed to hold my nose while drinking today.  I think I had to do it 4 times yesterday!    Unfortunately this one was 32 ounces!!!

-I was a little excited for the juicing to be over that I took too big of a last gulp and almost hurled green juice all over.

-I'm DONE!  It feels good to take on a challenge and KILL IT!

I'll post again tomorrow a recap to share if I'd lost any weight (fingers crosses) and how I felt about juicing overall.  See you then!!!

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