Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Juicing, Day 2

Okay, so I slept pretty well except for getting up to pee twice (too much info for an opening sentence?) and my bladder was about to explode both times.  I also got up to pee twice before even getting to sleep.

Today I'm making sure the juices are spread out.

7:30am - Purple Power Juice (breakfast)

-Kids helped make this one.  They are fascinated by the juicer.

-Thankfully it didn't even make 16 ounces.  But, this one tastes really good!

-I was laying in bed after drinking this playing on my iPad, the bed was a little too cozy so I decided to take a little cat nap.  I talked to Jenn later and she said that she also took a nap after drinking it.  Maybe it was something in the drink or most likely because neither of us had our morning coffee.  

11:15am - Green Lemonade (mid-morning snack)

-This one isn't horrible, but not yummy either.  I was able to drink it without holding my nose.

-I didn't have all the ingredients so I headed up to Kroger to purchase some tomatoes for my next juice as well as all the ingredients for tomorrows juices.

-I made the rest of the three juices for the day.

2:30pm - V28 (lunch)

-This has got to be one of the worst juices!  Chugged it with my nose plugged.  Gross!

-Still feeling really good or like normal.  Just that slight head ache.

-Jenn is not feeling well at all.  She has to go to work tonight.  She drank some coffee and ate a salad but still feels horrible.  She's had no energy yesterday and today.  I wonder why our bodies are reacting so differently?

6:00pm - Spinach Fennel Cucumber (mid afternoon snack)

-This is where my timing gets off track.  This juice is better than the last, but what isn't?  Still held my nose and chugged it.

-Did the 20 minute Pilates video again.  This time I didn't do it right after drinking a juice.  I felt kinda sloshy last night afterwards.

-Thinking about drinking my next juice is making me nauseous for some reason.  Maybe it's because the V28 tasted so horrify bad?

9:00pm - Bountiful Brassica Juice (dinner)

-A little late for dinner, I know.

-Okay, this juice is gross and really acidic.  I almost threw up after drinking it.  I'm having second thoughts about if I can make it through tomorrow.  Ugh, I just want this to be over!

Wish me luck with my last day!  It's a busy one so hopefully it'll go fast.

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