Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review...

Hey guys!  I'm so excited to participate in reviewing the March Snack Box from Vegan Cuts.  For $19.95 a month, they will send you a snack box chock full of vegan snacks.  They sent me this box in March and I've finally eaten my way through it.  Here's my unboxing video and my review of each item below that.

Beyond Eggs: Unfortunately we haven't used these yet, despite my excitement during the video.

Earth Balance Aged White Cheddar Puffs:  The cheese flavor was exactly what I was hoping for, but as I suspected, I would rather have the cheese flavor on the popcorn since puffs always remind me of eating styrofoam.

Vbar: Delicious!  Reminded me of a very dense rice crispy treat with coconut flakes and chocolate chips.  A great treat, but definitely not healthy.

Ultima Replenisher: Flavor was great, but the powder never completely dissolved.  It has many vitamins and minerals and only 10 calories.  Would like to try this again after Zumba to see if I recover faster.

Sjaak's Organic Chocolate:  Delicious!  These were the foil covered eggs that were in the box.  They are solid milk chocolate.  Will definitely be checking out their other products.

Barre: This one is weird, there's no ingredient list so you have no idea what to expect. The bar is green, I'm not sure if it's a snack bar or meal replacement bar.  Either way, it wasn't very enjoyable.

Equal Exchange: More yummy chocolate!

Cocomo Joe Cocomocorn: This was pretty good, however I think it had a burnt taste.  Regardless, I ate the whole bag in one sitting.

nyl skincare:  Smells great, unfortunately I haven't used it yet.

Flamous Falafel Chips: This one is probably geared towards a more adventurous eater.  I think I ate one chip, not my favorite.

 All in all it was a really good experience!  It was fun stalking the mailman and then digging in to see what goodies I got to try.  

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